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Hey, It's 2008

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The goal was to get some development done over the course of this break but, being the awesome people they are, my parents got me a 360 for Christmas. I followed that gift up with the purchase of a way-over-my-budget-but-zero-percent-financing-for-eighteen-months-is-amazing 42" LCD television capable of 1080p. It was the most expensive impulse buy I've ever made but, looking back six days later, it's one of the best decisions I've made. With the recent couch, television, and console purchase my apartment is finally starting to feel like an actual "home" rather than an extended dorm room. The result is my living room (yes, yes, it's barren in terms of color/decoration):

Anyway, that's as close to a dev entry as this is going to get. I'm going to go back to playing Crackdown/Dead Rising/Whatever else.

Also, as an edit, has anyone else run into this problem with Visual Studio 2008? It plagued my work project a month or so ago and, as of yesterday, it's screwing with the debug build of my hobby project.
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I like your lamp (next to the computer), where would one acquire such a device of such style?

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From Woodland Creek.

I got them locally (since I live about five miles from the main place), but I'm sure they ship as well. They're pricey little buggers, but I love mine and wouldn't mind getting another at some point.

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