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Just a Random CCG?

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Most Collectible Card Games like Magic the Gathering don't have random roles (from my limited experience). They are kind of designed for hard core strategy players and a random role may not be wanted by this type of player.

So, as I mentioned in the "Rune Spells vs Character Spells" journal entry there are random rolls in Immortal Kingdoms...at the character level.

For example, when you attempt to avoid a magic affect you must roll a random saving throw to avoid it. Or when you attack with a weapon the weapon does a random amount of damage (although strength bonus is static) and the attack roll to hit your opponent is not automatic (a roll must be made).

There are numerous examples of this random type of play. So, I'm a little curious as to how this might be received, keeping in mind that the rune spells do "static" damage but much of the game has random rolls.

My reasoning for random rolls is because I want "fun" to be important. I like the idea of an element of surprise and not focusing entirely on a sure thing.

My ideal is that Immortal Kingdoms will be seen as an in depth strategy experience but also be very fun in battle and enjoyable when building your Rune Brigade before the battle ever takes place.
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