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I did actually a surprising amount of work today. It sure doesn't feel like much, but it was.


I set up a test instance of Drupal and was fiddling around with it. The end result is that I made a module that more or less duplicates the functionality of my existing "game description" pages on my website.

However, it was rather clunky to build and I'm not convinced Drupal is where I want to go, so future web development effort will likely be spent on improving my hand-written site software (and replacing larger and larger chunks of it with existing support libraries as opposed to monolithic CMSes).

PM me and I'll give you the link to the test instance so you can take a look -- I don't want to link it directly here and get an impromptu display of how fast Drupal can be rooted and covered in spam.


I implemented a few user-interface tweaks to make the actor selector better. As you may have noticed in this older screenshot, the targeting menu occasionally duplicates entries. This is because I am stupid, and have forgotten how the modulus operator works. [rolleyes] Anyway, it's fixed, and while I was in there I added information about the actors (whether NEW or LEAVING the system).

I probably did more than that (I seem to remember something about the weapons systems), but nothing particularly interesting.


Work continued on the map editor -- adding tessellation support greatly simplified my picking code, so now I should be able to bang out expansive, insane maps with aplomb.

I'll probably work on that a bit more, and then progress will slow down as I return to work on Thursday. Have to finish up my work term report still... yikes.
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