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Happy New And why haven't you gone yet?

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So, New Year... yeah.

I saw in the new year the way every self respecting gamer should; playing TF2 with 31 other people who had effective decided to say 'screw this going out lark!' and sat on a server fragging each other.

Not my best NYE/NY (that goes to the time I ended up crashing a party with a mate to find out we were two of only 3 white guys at a party made up of about 50 'just off the boat' africans... utterly top time was had however until I crawled home in the wee small hours), but certainly not the worse... indeed, there is something to be said for saying Happy New Year! and then watching someone being shreaded by your sentry gun a few seconds later ^_^

However, my NYE started much earlier than that, at 9am where, having had 4h sleep, I dragged myself out of bed to get on a train to Brighton to look at a room. Again.

This trip was made even more fun by the prospect of having to do a section by coach as Liverpool Street Station, where I enter London, was closed for engineering works.

I went, I looked, and while not the greatest place and lacking in a few things, such as interwebs, it seemed like somewhere I could enjoy living. I'm currently waiting for a phone call to let me know if I can move in, however as this was NYE I went and it's now late Jan 02 with no further contact I wouldn't be shocked if I don't hear any more.

So, with this Epic Fail to find a place to live my start date at my job is now Jan 21st; which means I've got about 14 days to find somewhere and move down (I know, it's longer than that in 'real terms' but I need to work around my parents and sister and such... times like this being able to drive would be handy...).

So, back to poking places it seems.... my advice; never try to sort out moving over Xmas, it's a fricken nightmare [grin]
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