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Happy New Year! Some new artwork / Update.

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Ah I had a pretty good New Year/Christmas/Holiday and I hope everyone else did too!

I've been stepping away from the project for about a week so I've got fresh eyes now. Unfortunately I'm kind of sick at the moment...combined with the New Years partying uggghhhh. Still work must go on.

My focus is on the environment and I should have some fresh screens with some quite different looking cities than before [ in a good way ;-D ]. I'm hoping I can pull off everything, the cities/world should look way better if I can.

I've got a lot of new animations for the game, probably 60+ animations now, might end up somewhere around 75 different player animations all said and done.

You'll be able to take hostages and use them as bullet shields, I've got swimming animations, some jumping animations, reload, unique fire animations for guns like the P90, minigun, MP5, AUG, etc.

I've also got the Taser and the Striker/Protekta/Streetsweeper/Badass Assault Shotgun...

These make weapons 42 out of 50 total, I believe.

Yes, I will have
">"Don't Tase me Bro" sound effects in the game, as well as a verlet-particle taser-string with a tasering animation...throw in a shader/layered scrolling texture to give the look of electricity all over the body. It will be teh win.

I've also got 3 new player models, in-game shots soon. Like I said, I'll be focusing on the new environment artwork [refraction/depth fog on water shader instead of just reflection, 3 lane roads, many new buildings, elevated train, hills, etc. ].

Ugh, back to work...or trying to at least.

- Danny
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