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Happy new orbit round the sun

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So a slightly late happy new year, GameDev.

Spent the last three months, including the Christmas break, on a promise that my permanent contract at work was beginning on the 1st January. In fact, spent the 1st of January under the impression that I was now on a permanent contract.


Can't be arsed to go into details. It's not a reflection on any of us currently on temporary contracts, it's a budgetary thing. Still very cross that I was misled so badly but hey, what can you do? I'm not the only one and there are people who have been there a lot longer than me that a) are in the same boat and b) don't actually apparently know yet.

Bloody company.

Programming-wise, the game has been put aside while I rewrite my polygon map editor. This is being partly based on the code-base for the old one, but I've been inspired by some stirling work HopeDagger is doing on his Skirmish editor so the new editor has a rudimentary GUI.

It's pretty basic but quite good fun to write actually. I've just discovered the fun that is applying the composite pattern to GUI elements.

No screenshots today, since a picture of a big blue screen with a slightly lighter blue grid is unlikely to impress many of you.

And all the very best for 2008.
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Although the screenshot you described wouldn't be all that interesting now, it would be satisfying for you, and interesting for us, if in another 3 months you could look back to the post you put it in and realised how much your GUI efforts had come along :-)

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I agree. Screenshots are there to show where you are, and to be looked back upon months later when you have the completed product. [smile]

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