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Changes, large and small

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Big changes

The perspective of a week or so off convinced me of the need for a major change in how everything is organized, as mentioned, to facilitate the saving of maps and gamestates as well as the implementation of novel rendering methods. I found that I was doing a number of ridiculous things, like handing render everywhere except in the Video class itself and doing everything in the Game (instance) class that I should be doing in the Main (meta) function/class. I could go on.

To get a handle on what was going on, I booted up OpenOffice and made some flow-charts that follow no meaningful scheme. Do appreciate that these are by no means comprehensive or terribly meaningful; I never did learn to do flow charts properly.

Isostrat Fork 4:
This is my attempt at expressing what I think was going on:

Isostrat Fork 5:
This is my attempt at expressing what I am now implementing:

It should be much more sane.

A Release!

... but not yet. Due to heckling by besomegames I'm going to release a working version for everyone to play with for themselves once I get the code stable and operating again. There will be no gameplay, just menu-clicking and map-making. So check back on Friday.

Updating Schedule

Under consideration of my greater freelancin' workload, I think that I may do updates on Tuesdays/Fridays starting next week instead of Monday/Wednesday/Friday.
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That's brilliant. The world does not have to be assaulted with another one of my unclear diagrams -- Thanks!

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