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Yerg, I am so friggin' behind on reviews.

Actually I'm way ahead of where I used to be, when I had 15 books waiting to be read and a half-dozen pieces of software sitting around doing nothing. Of course, that was in the less organized days of gamedev where the policy was "oh just post it when you get it done".

Now we have an actual calendar and actual deadlines, so I can't just let things sit around forever. I really had plans to get about four things reviewed over the holidays and I actually managed to do. . .well. . .none of them.

Thankfully Kelly Murdock's been a reviewing fool, so I can always patch the holes in the calendar that I leave with his reviews. Still, it's not fair to the publishers to let things sit around, so I'm gonna spend as much time as I can for the rest of the week and this weekend writing up some content.

Anyway, here's what I have on the horizon to review (keeping myself organized).

Microsoft Visual Basic Game Programming For Teens Second Edition
Awesome Game Creation No Programming Required
Beginning Game Programming with Flash
Torque for Teens

Swift 3D version 5

Yeah, that doesn't seem like a very huge list, but bear in mind that everything but the Flash book was scheduled to be posted in December.

And December is over. So the pile isn't that onerous, but it does need to get done.

On the personal front, I finally got a chance to read Flatterland by Ian Stewart and I'm about halfway through Citizen Tom Paine by Howard Fast. Both are well-recommended depending on your mood. If you're into recreational mathematics with a Lewis Carroll twist (minus Carroll's penchant for basing characters on contemporary politicians who are now dead and forgotten), then check out Flatterland. If you wanna read a rum-soaked novel about an important rum-soaked rabble-rouser in the rum-soaked time of our rum-soaked founding fathers, then check out the Tom Paine book.
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