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winforms breakout

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yeah yeah i'm sure you're screaming at the monitor by now. WELL PIPE DOWN! i had a reason to do this. in the first place, i actually haven't ever successfully built breakout. sure, i had the bat and ball - but i couldn't figure out what to do in response to a collision detect between ball and brick.

after two very late nights with rtwilli and guntar in #gamedevelopers over on starchat, and x-out and co. in #ludumdare on afternet, i finally defeated this cursed problem! the result:

sg-breakout-200801040413.zip (offline) - 60.56 KB, req .net

[edit: fixed 'er up, now it REALLY works right. you don't wanna know how stupid i was being.
vvv use this one instead vvv]

sg-breakout-200801050241.zip - 74.00 KB, req .net

mouseover the form to move the bat around. the corner collision response isn't *perfect* but its gonna work well enough in most cases that noone's gonna bitch at me about it. i think.

anyways, why'd i make this atrocity aside from laying the demon in my past to rest? i actually needed the response code for space fortress. simple answer, huh? its 4am so i'm gonna go to bed now that i'm done with it.
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no, truly.

i am a big fan of the 60's batman series, where everything in the batcave was clearly labelled, and I've not seen a more clearly labelled breakout clone.

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