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Stuff, stuff and stuff

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MIGS coverage fully online

I thought I smelled some rotting coverage on my hard disk, and it turned out to be the conference coverage from November that I never polished and made publicly available, which I could have done before the holiday break. D'oh!! Anyways it's online now for everyone's viewing pleasure. I still think that the XBLA session coverage included in there is a total gold mine to anyone looking to get their game onto the XBLA platform. Jim Sink held nothing back in his talk.

IGF Interviews

Here's the tally so far:
  • 7 completed
  • 8 in progress
  • 5 still unresponsive
Not too shabby. I'm going to post them all up in February as a set of 4 featured articles, each containing 5 interviews. At the same time, they'll all each get their own slot in the 2008 section of the IGF Interviews resource page.

I'm addicted to Facebook

Yeap, it's all the new fad with me I must say. I pimped out my profile a little more with a few apps. I trolled the profiles of every single one of my friends looking for cool and useful apps and picked up a few. Added a Mood app so I could set my status and mood like MySpace; added a Where I've Been app to map out the countries/states I've visited and would like to visit. Wow I've traveled 15% of the world - not too shabby; I added a Visual Bookshelf app and spent two hours adding all of my Star Wars books and comics - turns out I have a staggering library of 206 Star Wars books. It was quite monumental, despite the fact that I knew I had broken 100 books several years ago (been reading adult Star Wars novels since I was like 14). I even added the tally to my Extended Info section so I can continue to track the number after I've added non-Star Wars books (yes, I do read general fiction and sci-fi too). I'll also use that app to add movies and music; lastly I added a blog RSS feed which ironically is the only thing I can't seem to get to work yet. Go figure.

Oh and I added a LinkedIn app that let me go through all my LinkedIn contacts and see if they had a Facebook profile based on their email - scrounged up a few more friends that way.

C'mon people, networking is fun and potentially profitable. Yes, it is worth the time and effort.

That is all

I'm tired. I should probably get some sleep. I hate sleep. *sigh*
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