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Two thousand and seven

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First, happy new year! (Yeah I know I'm a little late)

Second, I thought I'd do a recap of 2007 as I enjoy reading the other ones people have put up. Plus it helps that I change projects every couple weeks [grin]. So here it goes:

January - Various Doom and Quake related projects which would eventually provide the base for Escalation.

February - Spent the whole month working on Escalation.

March - Pretty much finished the programming portion of Escalation and began looking for artists.

April - Had a couple "new" artists apply, but by then I'd already realized that Escalation was less fun to play then Pong on the Atari. Tried working on a "true 3D" game, but it didn't last long.

May - Wow, sure got a lot done in May. First there was VoxelSharp, a program for making voxel models. Second was VAtlas, someday I'll get around to changing its output to XML and including a .Net assembly to help use it. Next was the software raycasting project, and lastly I decided to learn shaders by applying them to Doom.Net.

June - Attempted to make an isometric editor for X-COM like games, didn't get very far.

July - It was too damn hot.

August - Started working on a new GBA emulator, but got bored with it.

September - Spent every possible second working on GameKnight, my GameBoy emulator.

October - Tried to iron out various bugs in GameKnight. Eventually got fed up with it after not really getting anywhere over the month(fixing something would just break something else).

November - Tried to write an assembler, failed.

December - Not a whole lot, but it was exam time. Just a simple CHIP8 emulator and porting over my TileStudio stuff to XNA.

What does the future hold? I plan to start working on a new emulator for the NES along with finally finishing GameKnight. Plus more Doom.Net goodness as it just won't die, although this time I think it'll be a port of the original source and not another "from scratch" version.

Thanks for reading all this dribble.
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Original post by Drilian
two great resources

Thanks, I didn't know about the NESdevWiki.

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Original post by Scet
Original post by Drilian
two great resources

Thanks, I didn't know about the NESdevWiki.

Of special note are the test ROMs (Especially Blargg's), which really exercise the timings of your CPU/PPU interrupts/flags/etc. I wish I'd had those when I started working on my emulator - it would have saved me a lot of time trying to get certain games to work.

Games that are a ridiculous pain to get working:

Battletoads (Level 2 especially requires ridiculously accurate timings to not lock up)

Crystalis/Star tropics/SMB3/Ninja Gaiden 2 - all of these make use of MMC3 IRQs, which are touchy to get working.

Castlevania III/any other MMC5 game - the MMC5 is ridiculously complex. Note that if you want to get CV3 running, you can implement a simpler subset of the MMC5 functionality.

Micro Machines - relies on some "undocumented" features of the internals of the data fetching that goes on during a render to get its timing working.

Note that when I started working on my emulator, I wanted to run 3 games on it: Castlevania 3, Crystalis, and StarTropics. Note that all 3 of these are on the "hard" list :/

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