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heh, that was easy. heh, that was easy. heh...

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The "Legendary Hero of Legend" code has been updated to work with the current XNA version. By that, I mean the current XNA version that I have, so it's not XNA 2.0. It's a good start to this project.

I got a little experience making a Zelda-like game with my MAGIC entry awhile ago. Obviously it wasn't a complicated Zelda-clone, but I tried to emulate some things from that game, and had some success(in only a week too!). Plus, with this project, I want to finally implement Lua scripting.

As for Captain Ace, I need to work on some new enemies, and get the third level done. I just don't really feel like coding for the game right now, but I'll return to it shortly. Besides, I don't really think there needs to be many new enemies in a level with asteroids flying around.
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