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Back to work!

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Now the Christmas faff is over, its time to get back to coding. A few things done today on the gameplay side of things:

Completed lines are removed. I went for the simple solution of just having the blocks above them drop down one space which is how the original works, as opposed to some of the newer versions which have chain reactions and such as blocks fall into gaps.

The blocks now advance down the screen as you'd expect, and their speed is determined by your current score. I need to work out a better calculation for this, at the minute its just a fixed increase of speed per point scored. Something more quadratic would be better I think

I sorted out the problem with the keys being activated too quickly, they now have a 'cooldown' time which depends on their action (eg movement cools down quicker than rotate). I may also need to link this into the game speed at a later point, so that as the game gets faster the blocks can be moved around faster

Since thats pretty much the core gameplay done, I'll probably get some textures etc working for the next post
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