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An update

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So I had to fix up the installer, and of course this caused some major fuckups with SourceForge.net. So if you had a corrupt download or a broken link, try it again, it should be working now.

With that said here are some updates:
  • Visual Studio 2008 will be required to compile Gorgon and its tools and examples. Sorry, I don't use 2005 anymore. If you want to provide 2005 compatiable project and solution files, by all means send them to me.
  • You need the latest version of DirectX (at this time, the November release).
  • You may need the Visual Studio 2008 Redistributable. However this is now included with the installer.
If you downloaded the installer already and you can't get the binaries to run, try downloading it again. This time it'll install the VC++ 2008 redistributable. If it still fails, then email me.

Gorgon uses a slightly modified version of SlimDX which is compiled with Visual C++ 2008, and that's why the redist is required.

And no, I will not be going back to 2005. So please don't ask.

Gorgon should work with the 2008 Express editions as well in case you're wondering.
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