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Vote Kucinich

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So I fixed a bunch of bugs today. The most visible one is that the star jump vignette is finally in its proper spot. Here we are flying to the moon, where we can play among the stars, and see what high-velocity flechette weapons do to people on Jupiter and Mars.
The other visible improvement is that there are actually space pirates now, but they're kind of pussy. They only attack when the short-range sensor goes off on the ship AI, which is only like six meters away. However, they are vicious and even the small ones can cut you up with a light machine gun.

I had a quick duel with one in an uninhabited system, resulting in his gory demise from my overpowered turret weapon.

Other mild improvements:
  • You can refill ammo from "ammo charger" items you buy at space stations
  • You can no longer dock with a space station from across the system; you must now be within seven units.
  • The "Go To" feature is now a bit more aggressive, and has raised its speed limit and stopping distance.
  • Data grids now have resizable columns (hopefully putting an end to a lot of the ugliness with quests, but I doubt it).
  • Hostile enemies are now indicated in the HUD brackets.
  • The AI is better at sorting out its foes, and now optimizes who to attack based on proximity, rather than who just shot it.
All in all, a decent amount of improvements for an hour of work just now. If only I had the motivation to have worked on it all weekend instead of replaying Phantasy Star IV on my PSP.


The editor is moving along slowly. Deal with it.
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