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Intel on hold

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The Intel article that was scheduled for today has been delayed. Richard did a technical review on it and Intel decided to re-evaluate the article for publishing. I suppose I should really say "re-publishing" as it's already been on the Intel developer site since October. So what's going on? Are we really kissing up to Intel? Yea I suppose you could see it that way - us sucking on Intel's teet. But that's a rather corporate way of looking at things. I'm just willing to give Intel a chance at showing off its stuff to our community. No, this isn't us trying to push Intel's stuff, this is Intel trying to push Intel's stuff and they deserve all the harsh feedback that you can give them because whether they like it or not it's exactly what they're looking for anyways. Of course, by "harsh" I mean constructively critical, not "Intel you n00bs go learn how to program games!!" I'd like to think that's not how our community behaves mmkay?

Keep your eyes peeled. Another Intel article is on the horizon. Wait for it... waaaiitt for it...
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yer just a corporate tool, man...

Seriously, I was surprised how upset people got about it.

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Man you guys SO sold out. I remember back when it was about the development. Then you guys sold out and now it's all about the money.

this comment sponsored by. . .

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Trust me, these keys to a new Lotus Exige did not in any way, shape, or form come about as a result of my sucking up to Intel's teat.

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I'll trade you the Lotus for my Lamborghini. I'm a Ferrari fan but I didn't read the fine print. Sneaky bastards

And John you better keep quiet. Think about your pony for cripes sake

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