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Natalie and Effie in the Park

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Novarunner progress continues apace. One thing I've done is write a simple command-line application for generating star systems, so I've started to produce actual content. I'm tempted to place a super-expensive, incredibly-long-distance engine in one of the distant systems, and then place an easter egg system far away from that system (requiring the use of the engine to get there). It'd be involved, but fun. I'd offer an achievement for travelling to each and every system, but that would screw with the easy mod capability.

When I get back into it, I'm going to start working on fixing the menu system; the first order of business is offering hotkeys, I suspect. The hierarchical menu is just too difficult to use while you're trailing a fleeing pirate and dispensing bullets into his ass.

I could also do with some user metrics; perhaps I'll cut a Windows version this week and start shopping it around to get feedback on the control modes and how I can improve the game.


The editor can select polygons now, but I don't have any UI glue in there to actually modify them. Pfeh! This requires me to go work on the UI framework (XID) that will be underlying Iodine and Afterglow's HUD and UI. Which is really a good thing. You'll like it.

Other Stuff

I'm also working on a walkthrough for Glow (and later CSRPG 2) for the new IndieFAQs site. The walkthroughs will be posted on my site, and then just linked from IFAQs, like all the other ones seem to be. My hope is that the walkthroughs will encourage some more traffic to the game, and maybe even get people to actually beat Glow; a lot of people can't figure out where the Glow Bomb is because Greenbaumer dies over top of it. [rolleyes]

Playing through Glow again has shown me how far my abilities have come since I developed it, and also exposed an avalanche of bugs I know how to resolve. You heard it here first; I will do a new patch for Glow. Submit your feature requests here.

Also constantly getting distracted by looking at used cars -- the local dealers are all scum, so I'm going to take a trip down to the local fleet-leasing company and see if anybody has returned a like-new Subie.

Welp, off to recommend glaring changes to a product. Fun!
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I vote for either full screen, or a smaller scale. I always thought that the hardest part of Glow was guessing where enemies might be, because bullet ranges were a lot farther than what you could actually see on the screen. Also the sound was alway kind of scratchy--but I think thats because openAL doesn't play nice with my sound card.

I just played through CSRPG2 last weekend. I even got enough money to buy the water-boots, but when I went out on the water I found that I couldn't get back onto land so I had to quit :( I was going to try and fight the sea-creature.

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Glow doesn't use OpenAL, unless SDL_mixer is doing it behind my back. I'll probably add a Soldat-style scrolling aim, since I wrote one into Stick Soldiers 3 half a lifetime ago.

The water boots should allow you to get back onto land. Hmm.

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I never had any issues finishing the game as the bomb always seemed to be pretty well indicated to me. However, the final fight was a bit of a anti-climax as well as I would generally just sit in the tunnel, popping out to spray bullets until no more squishy noises occured. Definitely, a viewpoint that allowed you to see as far as you could shoot (or at least as far as the enemy's vision range) would be a plus in the new version. The last time I played it I hardly ever saw any bad guys. The gameplay generally involved randomly spraying the room with bullets until the squishies stopped and then cleaning up the goodies. It might sound like a cowardly way to play, but it's what worked best for me.

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I'm implementing and testing the new version right now.

Here's what I've done so far:
  • Better framebuffer. It's an FBO, so it supports arbitrary resolutions.
  • Moving the mouse scrolls, like in Soldat
  • Bug with the input binder fixed
  • If you reload from a saved game, you can actually continue to the next level now [rolleyes]
  • Glow Bomb has a visible HUD tag now
I'm cutting a test release right now. I will post links so you can all try it out and give it the go-ahead.

In the interim, here is a juicy screenshot:

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