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Back to work

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Stephen R


Okay, I know that I haven't posted at all over the last week. School has been absolutely destroying me, when I get back I don't have much energy left to do anything. But I'm just going to force myself back into the routine of working every day.

I got a bit of coding done today. I did the interface class for the various scenes in the demo and I'm working on the first scene at the moment. I'm also going to get started on the rendering code tomorrow. I have the very basic stuff down, I now have to code the content of the first scene. Theres a list of simple 3d tasks that I know how to do but haven't done before and am really looking forward to doing them.

The scripting code also got a bit of a revamping today. I've decided to use a std::map and std::list as the core of the script process. The map uses strings as the key and function pointers as the data. I use a list of commands, and can then just iterate through them, passing the command into the [] operator of the map and let it retrieve the function pointer for me. I have no idea about how fast it is, but I'll leave it alone untill I get to the optimization stage much later. I think we all know how painfull premature optimizations can be.

I also had the second design meeting with the designer/artist of the demo Blind. We came up with two more scenes for the demo. We now have a total of four scenes in the pipeline - the one we're currently working on and three others. They should work well. Conceptually they are all impressive and implimentation wise they can all be broken down in to quite simple tasks, so I shouldn't have too much trouble getting them done.
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