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so yesterday i forked out $60 for Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, the ds ff rts. i made it through the first chapter (basic training), but just barely. i had to die three times on stage 1-4. i'm not super good at rts games yet, but i considered myself at least passable - continually being raped in 1-4 made me awfully angry. was it me? was it the game? when i beat the level, i was thrilled, but i didn't want to play it anymore. it exhausted me. all of the walking around town i did probably didn't help, either. i slept like a frickin rock.

having said all that, i'm going to probably pick it up again today just to make sure of whether the game does or does not hate me. i'm not going to have $200 of free-spend GST cash to wander the town with, though - and keep me from my code. i'll be a good little game coder and get some work done. i promise.
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