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Working a little last night on a new game. It was a game idea I've had for a while. I call it, for lack of a better name at this point, "Connect!" and the first target platform is YWE.

Its related to Pipes! in that the game's purpose is to solve an interconnected maze of nodes.

The difference is that instead of rotating pieces, the board simply displays the number of open connections for all of the nodes on the screen, like so:

And the player adds and removes connections between nodes.

So far, I find the game difficult, mainly because I'm just now figuring out the logic of determining which connections to make.

At the beginning of the game, you look for 4s in the middle of the board, 3s on the edges, and 2s in the corners. After that, it can get tricky.
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You might look for implementations of Hashi-o-Kakero. It's very similar to what you're doing.

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Hey, I'm the only one who's allowed to comment!

But yeah, it actually looks like a photographic negative of that game the previous comment-er mentioned (if it's the one I'm thinking of), although the path in that game is actually a single winding trail that doesn't branch and connects to itself at the ends.

Anyway, looks like a good idea. I look forward to playing it.

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Haha, sorry, I didn't know about the rule!!
But when I saw this my mind just popped "Hey! I've seen this before!"
And yes, each puzzle has only one solution.

Go here to play some puzzles.

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Yes, that game is in a similar spirit to the one I'm making. I was not aware it existed, but as idea is rather simplistic, it does not surprise me that it already exists. In fact, if a game I was writing didn't already exist in some form, I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable making it.

I think I may port this one over to C# for some playtesting (I don't like requiring people get the YWE to test my stuff), and I like even less porting between the YWE js and browser-safe(aka "bs") js, otherwise i'd be porting to html+js.

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