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Fountain-Tieing up Basic Strategy

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The BASIC strategy of the game is to defeat the opponent deity. This is taking the deity down to ZERO health.

The deity is on the battlefield at the top right and left corners. Your deity cannot attack normally and doesn't have "stats" like other characters. However, the deity does have a turn and can cast spells/relics at that time.

In order to win the game you need to play spells, immortals, relics, or creatures in an attempt to defeat the other deity.

Spells can do a variety of things from damage to creatures and the deity to killing creatures, to almost anything really.

Examples of spells are Cyclone (50 damage per round to all creatures/players...upkeep cost), Safeguard (Target creature takes no damage...player takes double damage...upkeep), and Apathy (creature cannot take any action...pay 1/2 mana cost to escape).

Relics are summoned and given to Immortals. Creatures cannot use Relics. Relics must then be activated by the Immortal and then they can be used to their full potential.

Examples of Relics include Sun Spear (+60 attack, +40 damage, minor heal ability, bonus damage to evil creatures, and can be thrown once per combat for damage to multiple creatures), Earth Monument (Pay health gain mana), and Animal Ring (can summon an animal each turn if activated...wolf, tiger, etc).

Creatures are extremely varied. Immortals are the rpg like characters and start off at level 1...and are fairly weak.

The use of Creatures and Immortals in a rune deck (brigade) is very important strategically. How many creatures should you have and how many immortals? This is something the player will need to figure when making a rune deck.

One thing I would like to say that directly affects this choice right now is the "Limit" on how many Immortals/Creatures you can play at a time. I did not want players to just use Immortals or just creatures. It is meant to be a balancing act...like the rest of the game.

So, basically the rule for placing Creatures is that you can have up to TWO creatures more than Immortals. So, if you have 0 Immortals you can only play 2 Creatures before you MUST play another Immortal.

For example, if you have 1 Immortal on the field you can have up to 4 creatures (this is the max). If you have 0 Immortals you can have 2 creatures and if you have 2 Immortals you can have up to 6 creatures.

For Immortals you can have only 1 Creature (+1 extra to start the battle). So if you have 1 Creature you can have 2 Immortals (because of the +1 bonus, 2 creatures and you can have up to 3 Immortals, and 3 creatures can have 4 Immortals.

This may sound a bit complicated but there is a graphical representation on the battlefield that shows you if Immortals/Creatures are allowed.

And lastly about the Fountain. The Fountain is a strategy implementation added to counter the strategy of simply placing one character in the front line to block all enemies and use primarily back line troops to win the battle.

Here is a picture of the fountain.


You can see #'s in the flags by the fountain. These #'s represent the total mana amounts of the characters in the front line (basically the total strength of your front line army).

The stronger front line army gets +10 mana per round. This is meant to be another possible way of winning the battle. +10 mana won't necessarily win you the battle but it will help. It may need to be lessened with further testing.

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Wow, VERY nice graphics! Must have taken u months of hard work? Keep up the good work dude! Hope to see ur success story soon.. :)

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