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I got my XDK today [grin]

Of course, while I'm there, I must develop a game on it in my spare time. Preferably something multiplayer, so I can get everyone else with an XDK playing it. I'm tempted to do a Mario clone, just because it'd be funny (and I can handle the art for it).

I guess the alternative is something using Rebellion's own engine tech, which would be a good way for me to learn the engine, but I don't know the art pipeline (at all).
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Yes! You must write your own game for the XDK! You must!

And then get approval to release it as an official XBox game.

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Well, yes.

Perhaps I could do something dramatic, like parachute the game off the Eiffel Tower while strapped to a flaming daschund which sings "Copacabana."

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Guest Anonymous Poster


I have one question how did you get the xdk could i like have a link or something to where you sign or could you give me the steps in getting it and just want to say make a football game (not american footbal) because EA's gameplay sucks or a espionage game that conbines the graphics or splinter cell and some of the gameplay elements of metal gear solid.

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