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Particle effects

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Since the last update, I worked mainly on the hud and on particle effects for color change and for the eclipse in the hud (when it ends, the player has ran out of time to complete the current level - right now the level never ends, but you get the idea). Here's a video of the new stuff.
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Lol, thanks. You use three keys, "left", "right" and "fire". When you don't have the "rope" attached to something, you use "left" and "right" to point the bird's beak to the direction you want to create the "rope". To create the rope you use the "fire" key. When the rope is created, "left" and "right" swing the bird to one side or the other. The "fire" key destroys the rope.

The objective is to destroy all blocks in the level, which you do by touching them with the bird when its color is the same as the blocks. To change the bird's color you have to touch those things in the top left and bottom right corner.

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