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Glow 1.3 RC2

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Thanks for testing the previous versions. Hopefully this one is it.

Mac version
Windows installer

Things that should be fixed in this version from the previous release candidate:
  • Guys with X1300-X1950 cards should be able to play again. I burned two days trying to make the texture_rectangle renderpath work, and it just didn't fly, so it's disabled and you guys get the old CopyTex support. Sorry.
  • Disabling grayscale mode works again.
I'm afraid I can't do much about the sound core, guys. Please let me know what kind of hardware you're running, since it runs fine on both my Mac and the crappy AC97 onboard sound on my Windows box's motherboard.
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It runs just swell now. The look-spring (at least that's what I call it) on the mouse is a stellar addition. [smile]

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I actually need a name for it. I've been calling it "Soldat scrolling" and "mouse scrolling," but I figure we can come up with a better name. "Mouselook" or "Mouse freelook" seem like better ideas.

This feature was already in SS3 and is in the design for Afterglow, so it was a no-brainer that Glow needed it too... surprised it took so long, really.

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I just played through the whole thing again. I couldn't find the dang ipod though. The mouse-look is nice, and overall it was a pretty smooth play through.


For the record, your version of asteroids is friggin hard.. And the Questy gun is awesome!

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I've got a soundblaster "live" 24bit card. Only the music seems to have a problem (and its really not 2 bad). A couple other games like Battlefield2 give me some weird problems, so I'll bet my card is just half-busted or something. no big deal

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Kick ass, I'm glad I fixed your bug for you. There's still no iPod, though maybe I should've added one and used the same quest mechanism as the glow bomb. [wink]

Afteroids is hard, but it gets easier with time and the drunkfire missiles (the "D" powerup). I'm tempted to make a new standalone version of it with trippy vector graphics.

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lol I spent a couple minutes chasing after one of the D's, but the ship turns so slow I wasn't able to get one.

I just tried again and managed to snag one.. cool!

the game has the unique characteristic of being able to fly faster than your bullets (which happens almost any time you move at all) which makes hitting asteroids a matter of tactics.

hmm well I've got nothing else to do, back to afternoids it is.

edit: you weren't kidding. those drunk bombs make it a lot easier. By wave 9 I was gaining more live from points than I could lose, and had over 100 bombs

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Yeah, it's too easy with the drunkfire missiles. Past wave 25 or so, there's too many asteroids on screen to survive.

My record is wave 152, then I got bored.

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