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Just small things

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Nothing major this post, just working on a lot of small things and thinking about big things.

GUI work

Here's the shot, not much new, just some work on the interface.

I removed the 6-button panel I was once so proud of and replaced it with the new 5-button topbar. I'm working on transforming the other clunky panels into a similar style that is both compact and able to get across enough information to be useful.

What more interesting, perhaps, is what you can't see. Panels within GUIs can now be 'deactivated' which makes them invisible and unclickable, so in use-terms, they're gone. This allows me to have "layouts within layouts", which is what the three buttons in the upper-left Mode Panel are for: Select, Paint, and Generate mode. I'll explain Select and Generate when they start to do anything, for now they just cause the map-painting palettes and palette chooser to disappear.


These are just fun:

My stupid paint icon first looked like a broom, then I added paint but it was blue paint, so it looked like a mop or something, so I made the paint purple. So there!
And I couldn't think of something that could represent "game mode" (as the hammer represents "edit mode"), so I just made a hand because ... you play using your hand. Brilliant, yes, thank you.


On O-san's suggestion, I implemented drag-scrolling with the right mouse button. It works, nothing much to say.

Hmm, and I started implementing a more 'advanced' drag-painting implementation. Basically, when you left-click drag the mouse, a series of points are created between the current and last "frame" of input, then these points are collided against the Isomap and all tiles thus hit are painted. My function to create these intermediate points is rather half-baked though, so painting is quite erratic. In other words the work is done, it just needs fine-tuning.

And Other Things...

I've been poking at a flag-maker and have decided that I probably won't create flag animations on-the-fly. As cool as it'd be, it'd be too much trouble for something kinda silly. Maybe in IsoStrat: The Expansion Pack. In any case, I want the flags to be fun, and I think they will be because they will be so open-ended and will allow the player to make their Polity very much their own. In many games you can only choose your color, but I want to have the Player choose a major and minor color in one of any number of (moddable) flag patterns with the option of having a (moddable) crest. Want a flag that's half pink half-black with a skull in the center? It's yours!

Of course flags are a bit irrelevant without gameplay. Yes, I've been thinking about how to start implementing it now that the Game class is nicely gutted. I really do need the GUI to do all the things I planned for it to do, though. The Minimap will be clickable once I figure out how to do subclasses in Python again. Ugh. And perhaps I should make it a goal to get horrible, horrible text-input working. Perhaps.

I forget what else. Hmm...
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