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Connect on PlayDeez.com

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So I moved Connect! over to my site:


I also have modified it somewhat... I put in a green/red lighting thing so that you can easily see when you are done solving a puzzle (before, there were "solutions" where all nodes were zero, but the maze was in two or more parts. Now you know you are done when all of the nodes are green, which is the same basic mechanism as in Hexircuit/Cowhead/Pipes.

Also, I eliminated the character 0, and simply show a node with no number in it. In playtesting, I discovered that one of the ways I can better solve the puzzle was by realizing that I couldn't make two dead ends connect. Ergo, a 1 node with no connections next to another 1 node with no connections will never connect, as it would make an isolated portion of the maze. The same thing goes for a group of nodes connected together... if there is only 1 connection left to make, it won't connect to another section with only one node unless that connection solves the maze.

(I guess I'm finding it sort of difficult to describe the concept... I'll have to work on it)

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