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pretty picture and a little talk

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whoohoo! check out the pretty terrain! The texture is actually slightly blue to give it that nice "snow" color. This isn't the final terrain obviously, but is more of a placeholder until I feel like working on terrain. For some reason the combination of the snow terrain and the blue gradient skybox is really relaxing. I love just wandering around in the scene and thinking about how cool its going to be after I add some other stuff.

**long boring rant warning**

the problems with using someone else's code..
So, awhile ago I mentioned that I added an octree to my project. What I really meant was that I added a octree pretty much straight from somebodys octree tutorial. The problem is it sucks big robotic monkey balls.

Its biggest problem is that it can't handle dynamic objects. By this I mean that the octree doesn't do anything if an object moves out of the node that it is currently in. This defeats the purpose of having an octree.

I was poking around today and found out that anything in a node that has been culled isn't updated. WTF is the point of that???? So just because I'm not looking at the enemy tank means that it can't move or think or do anything??

What the hell is the point of making such a broken half-assed tutorial? Well whatever, I'm pretty sure I can write my own know (with a little help from teh internets).

the jokes on me. The octree no longer even culls nodes! I have no idea when that stopped working, and it has me completely puzzled, as I didn't change any of the octree code and it was working yesterday. huh
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