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GTL3 Update and "Things"

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You can tell when GD has been down for a while, there is a surge in journal posts as people dump their brains.

Before I get into mine I recommend you read mittens', because he has given the best explaination of what it's like to play Geometry wars I could imagine.... go on, I'll wait for you to come back...

GTL3 Update

This currently isn't in Beta 1, but having had a look about I've come to realise that OpenGL can natively handle BGRA images in the core. As such I've changed the TGA loader so that it no longer swaps from BGRA to RGBA. This might well become compile time configurable as there might be solutions where the swap is desireable.

I've also added an 'atexit' function which shuts down all the threads once their current work is completed. I wasn't having trouble in this regard but someone else apprently was (still waiting to hear if this 'fix' solved their problems). This is #ifdef controlled as I get the feeling 'atexit' and DLLs won't play nicely together. Instead you'll want to call 'GameTextureLoader3::Shutdown()' at some point instead. You can call it in a normal lib as well, it won't hurt as the queue is emptied.

This also introduces a runtime exception possibility where by the threads have been shutdown but you try to load something via the async calls.

That's about all for now, I spent the last week or so running about finding somewhere to live in Brighton and I've finally found somewhere, so I should be starting work now on the 21st and moving down on the 17th.

I've also ordered a 8800GT 512 gfx card (G92 core); my X1900XT is showing signs of being 'ill' at me (corruption in games, such as badly transformed verts or strange artifacts in the middle of the screen in games) and I've decided I want to try NV's debugging tools and DX10 level GL support functions as AMD/ATI's debugging tools have been a little underwelming of late and their lack of DX10 features in GL makes me sad.

I might jump back to ATI land at some point in the future, but right now NV makes sense.

I'm currently in the process of deciding on an SVN host, a paid one at that, for my stuff. I have been using a machine in the room and while said machine will be traveling with me to Brighton I don't have anywhere to run it 24/7 without disturbing me, so I figured I'd drop a few quid a month and get some off-site hosting (plus I can open the SVN up for others to download 'stuff' from as I work on it); I considered grabbing a virtual linux machine again, you get more for the same price, but then realise I was lazy and that I couldn't be bothered to setup the machine and SVN etc etc [grin]

Right, that's all for now...
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Keep us (me) informed of your SVN searches... I'm contemplating much the same thing. I could build myself a RAID-5 file server for fun and shove it in the cupboard, or it might be cheaper/easier to just rent some SVN hosting from somewhere reliable.

I just get overly paranoid about the company hosting my SVN repository going bust or whatever...


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