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I got a lot stuff done today including the item, character, and skill systems done and working together nicely. I also have the game file (which contains all of my character, item, skill, and ability data) almost finished. I have to get abilities designed out for code before I can work them into the game file, but it really shouldn't take too long.

Time for bed I guess, Cierra's been there for a couple hours now and she looks lonely.

Example game file:

"1.0" ?>

Untitled Project

"Bale Crauss" Age="21" Gender="Male" />
"12" Strength="25" Endurance="21" Intelligence="19" Wisdom="35" Speed="35" Luck="12" />
"1" Second="1" Third="1" />

"helm00" Fixed="false" />
"cuirass00" Fixed="false" />
"gloves00" Fixed="false" />
"greaves00" Fixed="false" />
"boots00" Fixed="false" />
"ring00" Fixed="false" />
"ring01" Fixed="false" />
"necklace00" Fixed="false" />

"slash" Level="Beginner" />

"healpot0" Name="Healing Potion" Description="A potion that heals 10 hit points." Value="100" Type="Consumable" Quest="false">
"StatModifier" Stat="Health" Value="10" />

"firerune0" Name="Fire Rune" Description="A rune that enhances fire spells." Value="100" Type="Rune" Quest="false">
"SkillModifier" SkillType="Fire" Value="1" Rune="true" />

"assmagerune0" Name="Assault Mage Rune" Description="A run that enhances melee and magic skills." Value="100" Type="Rune" Quest="false">
"SkillSetModifier" SkillSet="Magic" Value="1" Rune="true" />
"SkillSetModifier" SkillSet="Melee" Value="1" Rune="true" />

"slash" Name="Slash">
"0" Damage="100" Animation="animfile.xml" />
"2500" Damage="125" Animation="animfile2.xml" />
"5000" Damage="175" Animation="animfile3.xml" />
"7500" Damage="250" Animation="animfile4.xml" />
"10000" Damage="500" Animation="animfile5.xml" />

Just felt like posting something that wasn't just plain text ^_^. Night all!
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All those 'Fixed="false"' entries - why not make Fixed="false" the implied default :O

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