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Happy New Year

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I know it has been some time since my last update but there are some good reasons for this. First on the list is that I did eventually pull my book article so I could hopefully have a more polished and completed one to be published later. But other than that the biggest thing to happen this year is my migration to a new job at the very fun and cool company named Play Mechanix. For the few of you out there that still feed on coin-op arcade games they are widely known for their series Big Buck Hunter. I have now been here for a week now and everything is going great. There is a lot of exciting things forming on the horizon but I can't even begin to talk about these yet. Like usual I have included some pictures below for your enjoyment.

The flag we work under:

Only a fraction of the countless many arcade machines:

My boss and lead programmer Mark walking in:

Scott hard at work on new features in the core engine:

Me and Gary next to the crown jewel:
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Thats actually a poorly drawn multicolored graph for light attenuation and fall off. And as for the walls they are damn sexy as is now but I still got the whole space over my desk to fill up with my stuff too as well over time. [grin]

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