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i was gonna build the npcs into actionrpg, but i realized i don't really have enough of the other stuff built yet to properly support them. well, i put them in anyways:

so yeah. i've got yellow statues of everyone standing around town. even got the dead guy laying in front of the "church". his code handle is DeadGuy. yep, real imaginative. so you can walk up to everyone and the TriangleButton action will toggle Talk on and off as you approach and face them. you just can't talk to them yet. i'm just pretending they're statues for now.

so yeah, i'm putting npcs on hold until there's more of a reason than chat panels to get them going any more than i have. all of the npcs in tristram (except for farnham) do things other than chat, and i need to start looking at that stuff. most of them want to sell you stuff, so that requires a trading gui. cain wants to identify your items at cost, and pepin wants to heal you. on top of all of that, everyone wants to check your quests and sometimes give you new ones. since i don't have any of that ready for them to use, there's just no point in going any further with this right now.

what it does mean, is i have a few new things to focus on. i think if i'm going to do anything, i'm going to work on doing magical item drops and working the different qualities in: swords come in a variety of flavors such as short and bastard. i'm gonna start looking at dlvl and all of that stuff.
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