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A few updates

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Nothing much new yet...

I finally got around to finishing up my targa codec library (EvehTga.dll/lib). It can load 24 and 32 bpp compressed and uncompressed *.tga files. It can be used alongside the other image codecs in the same way, so using them is simple. EvehTga.dll/lib is fully integrated into the engine.

Now, we plan on creating a new model codec for *.md2 loading and saving, along with improving the current skybox and terrain. Yippee...!

I have also added s chatroom on our website that connects to our IRC chatroom (Currently the host of our engine. It can be accessed on the AfterNET Network, channel #Eveh3D. You can also access it by clicking the Chatroom link in the main menu of our website.)

At last, OS Dev Series Tutorial 14 has started a few days ago. Yes my friends, we are going back to the code and designing! This time around, we are primarily focused on the abstraction and interface between the HAL and Kernel. I am only planning the very basics here...The processor, special instructions, GDT loading, register abstraction, hardware access via Port IO, and having the Kernel initialize the HAL at startup.

This will give us a basic--yet good--base for the rest of the series and system. Tutorial 15 will go onto error handling and interrupts - we cant go much further without this!

Also, in case some of our readers do not know, Tutorial 13 is at last up. Tutorial 14 should not at all take very long to develop and write...And it will include a workable demo as well.

I guess thats all for now...

'Til when Tutorial 14 is up, or when I next update this :)

Im a bit late, but would like to wish everyone here a happy new year!!
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