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Progress report

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Hello again! I've actually done some bug fixing (meaning: no fancy image in this post). Found I had got some funny business going on in my texture loading routine. I'm using freeimage as my image loading library and it turns out that each scanline is DWORD-aligned. This means that the image lines are buffered at the ends with zeroes to align it. I did not account for this and just read the pixels according to the size of the image. This of course resulted in lost pixels at the last line read because I had read a bunch of zeroes which I don't need.

I'm now aiming to implement some sort of simple scripting. I know this is a huge task and I'm a bit worried on how it will work out since I never really worked with scripts before. I have decided to use LUA because, well... I've heard good things about it and I think it will suit my needs. I'd be grateful for any links or assistance regarding this subject.

Lastly I have changed the background color of this journal, hope you like it.

That's all for now, have a great day! =)
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It looks like things are moving along quite well overall. Keep up the good work!

One small thing though, the journal entry's backgrounds color is dark when you have the old black theme enabled.

Dark background + Black text = :(

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Ah, that isn't very user friendly. I've corrected it now. Thanks for pointing it out =)

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Good to know it's coming along well :) but now that dbaumgart's Isostrat is on hiatus or something, there aren't any more juicy isometric pics around...

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