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Master of my domain.

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I forgot that I got paid for the time I took off during the holidays, so I spent a bit of that extra gold on registering a domain.

Check it out!

It's kind of neat to have a domain and all. I feel like a first-class citizen of the Internets, although I suspect I should probably launch some misspelled Web 2.0 startup with software written in ineffectual, garbagey languages with minimal debugging capacity and highly permissive syntax.

Stuff might be screwed up as the DNS refreshes (especially using the realitybytes.tk subdomain), but hopefully it should all go smoothly.

The response to Glow 1.3 seems pretty positive so far. I think I'll probably update my website with the final release later this week, and then maybe go around to the places I've advertised and push the game on them. It's much closer to the game I wanted to make. [smile]

As for Afterglow, I'm still working on the map tools. The editor just has basic polygon delete and edit functionality right now -- it doesn't know anything about vertices yet, or creating polygons. After the map tools are a bit more solid, it's time to look at my drunken cocktail napkin sketches and start building the "core game" API. After that, I should be able to start feeding you guys some juicy screenshots.

Novarunner? Stalled, unfortunately. I've got to actually finish the front-end for the game, and make more content. After that, I should be able to push out playtest versions like the Glow 1.3 playtests, and get user feedback. Hopefully people like it.
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