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Urban Empires - January 13, 2008 Update

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I've got some more work in progress images of the terrain/environment....should be about done with it. Also coded up an effect for when the camera/player is under water. Players can now swim.

There is so much stuff I'm working on...so stay tuned.

Environment WIP -

New drug / suitcase models that will allow some non-territory based gameplay to take place...like selling drugs, and robbing banks. You actually have to keep track of all the drugs/money. It's going to be dope ;-)

Only drugs in-game will be Heroin, Cocaine, Pot, and Ecstacy.

Some new guns...

That's it for now, more progress soon!

- Danny
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Hey Dan,

I just caught you post on January 2nd that showcased some new animations. I knew you've been a Milkshape guy (as am I) and I noticed that your screenshots are not from Milkshape. Are you using a separate technique/tool for character modeling or are those screenshots out of a homegrown tool?

Things look great! I've been watching this project grow for many years on this site.

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man this game just keeps getting more and more massive. I hope it doesn't crush you.

Lookin good as always

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Easter Egg.

Edit: Fixed. "Look at Journal more, you must. Refresh page constantly, you will"

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Heh, yea the game is getting pretty massive these days...4GB of HD space is required for the art assets alone. My working/resource directory is about 40GB.

Nit - Those screens were taken in 3DMax 7 Trial version, I use as an intermediary to go from MAX -> .x or MAX -> .smd -> .ms3d

Lol, dave we got an X there bro :-D

Thanks for comments guys.

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lol, pink m-16/ar-15....sure thing :-D

OMG is that a SOCOM II M1A on the table???

I want that gun so bad, sucks it costs $3k lol. I've got enough toys, once you start owning a double digit amount of firearms...well, it's just odd lol.

I wouldn't mind that SOCOM II or a semi-auto HK G3 chambering .308s...mmmmmmmm.

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