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Starting the new year with a post...

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First Post of 2008

I've been strangely busy this year, as witnessed by the fact that I haven't posted until two weeks into the new year. Even so, I have managed to squeeze a few development activities in here and there. The first thing I wanted to post is the fact that I made a much better video clip of the SSAO / physics engine in action - it's a longer clip (for Jack) and also shows the physics rigid bodies bouncing around. Check it out:

SSAO Demo #2

The physics work has been paying off, and Feedback is well on its way. I'll get more into the details in a future post, but I am getting pretty excited about this project!!!

Let me know what you think about the video...
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It's just an MPEG-2 encoded video. I still have the AVI on my hard drive, if you still can't check it out I'll write it to a *.wmv file instead. Try to save it to disk and open with windows media player. That seemed to work for me - Quicktime wouldn't render it for some reason...

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