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Well, I've incorporated some new 3D classes for a camera and models into my small XNA library. Also, I fixed the problem with texture mapping:

Turns out Anim8or messed up the UV coordinates, and I had to go and fix them in notepad (using the coordinates I learned from "Beginning OpenGL Game programming"[lol]).

I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do in 3D next...maybe something "Blocky"...
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You shouldn't have to edit the texture coordinates by hand. In Anim8or it does screw them up if you just apply the texture to the whole cube, what you have to do is select each side face individually and click on the "UV" button.

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That...makes alot more sense then what I was doing. I had tried the UV tool, but on the whole polygon rather than the faces, which yielded some strange results. I'll make sure to do that from now on when working in Anim8or, which is far easier than working in Blender.

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