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so many ideas arrg

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Ahhh I'm still in the midst of developing all the ideas, core game mechanics, and story of this indie game I am working on. I have so many notepad files with lists of coding features, editors, and tools. And I realized that while planning all the features of the game, I haven't really decided how the game is supposed to played.
The game is a multiplayer FPS. How can I make this game different from the bigillion other failures on the market today? Why would people want to play this game instead of many others?

Like I've said before, every game should be intertwined in story. Even an FPS.
I know a lot of people like CSS. I've also heard that people would like a game like that in a mmo style. AND I'm sure there is a way to add in the story.

To show story, I also think there should be more integration that cut-scenes. The gameplay, NPC's, and world should expose the story in every way. NPC's should show loyalty to their clan or race: show jealousy, hate, and sadness. The player should overhear information that matters, that they can use in the game: they could find secret passages, special items, enemy secrets.

The gameplay should involve the player with combo attacks and twitch gaming. The user needs to be a constant part of the game, not a mindless zombie......On the other hand, wouldn't it be cool to let the player choose which way to game?

These are some of the questions ever bouncing in my head all the time. Ultimately, I think the best game would be customizable to the player. Let them choose every thing....that is IMPORTANT. Never give the player choices that don't matter.
Ahhhh....prob need to make another list about how to integrate story into gameplay now:)
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