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Evil Steve


Nothing much to say really, I'm just waiting on a full rebuild (Damn SDK patches...).

I've got sky half working - it scrolls the texture as expected, but it doesn't generate a skydome like GLQuake does, so it looks obviously wrong.

I'm working on turbulent surfaces now (Water, lava, teleport surface) - I can't really follow the GLQuake source for it, it causes chaos when I try it. I have a version that sort of works, but because I don't subdivide the surfaces like GLQuake does (It splits sky and turbulent polygons into 64x64 unit chunks), it doesn't look quite right.

So, next up on the todo list is getting surface subdivision working so turbulent surfs look correct, then I can change the way skies are handled.

After that, I'll have to parse visibility info before I can get lightmaps working, since there's a crapload of them. It obviously wasn't designed for porting to D3D [smile]

Well, the build's nearly done. Back to work...
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