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My game is a turn-based strategy in which you use your avatar (levels up kind of RPG-like) to recruit allies and utilize resources to defeat your opponent. There is some movement, some battling, and some resource management.

Here is what I decided on board-wise. A fully enclosed hexagon allows up to 6 attackers to one target which is good for taking down big guys. It makes for good radial effects and it is still possible to calculate line of sight. Also, there may be some strategy to occupying the corner squares (or trapping someone there).

This is just a quick mockup that shows different "terrain" that may be traversed. With this model up to 64 resources can be on the board (not including weapons, equipment, etc) and each player can only have a total of 60 resources total to pool from so there should be plenty of room.

And with a little work on the graphical presentation, I think it can look far more interesting than a collection of squares.

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Ha, I was going to put a hemp leaf for my special crop but I couldn't remember if that was some breach of the user agreement here.

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