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This is your brain on Bawls. Any questions?

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So I finally picked up the Orange Box and played through Portal, pretty much entirely in a single sitting. I was up until 6 AM and therefore obviously didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night.

As a consequence, my brain has reverted to a more primal, unfiltered state, wherein all manner of absurdity spews forth unbidden and befouls the earth at large.

For example, earlier, I made up a joke. Due to sleep deprivation and excessive use of caffeine-based stimulants, I cracked myself up.

The downside is, this joke only makes sense if you both understand topology and are familiar with astrology. A good appreciation of homophone-based puns in English helps, too.

You have been warned.

Q: When is flatbread no longer flat?

A: When it's made between April 20th and May 20th.

I am truly sorry for the horrible thing I have wrought upon the world.
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Heh, I'm not in a proper state of mind at the moment too. My first thought when reading your joke was "hang on, there isn't a Sign of the Donut!". I had to think about it a lot more to realise that I was mistaken [grin].

I think it's a bit weird I could get the topological part of your joke but flunked the astrology...

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