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Not that anyone cares...

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But I've updated the installer for Gorgon (using the NSIS installer, quite flexible, and quite painful to use in my opinion).

I've bundled the x64 and x86 versions together and the installer will ask you if you want to install either one or the other (you can install it twice if you want both). This was done to select the proper versions of the binaries to use. If you can't install the x64 version, and you want an x64 version, then you can compile an x64 version from the solution/project files provided (these are always installed regardless of what you've chosen). This all seemed less painful than maintaining two installers (initial NSIS learning curve aside).

In hindsight I wonder if it was a good idea to disable the x86/x64 selection for x86 OSes? However, when x64 is selected, the tools get their equivilent binary installed (x64 -> x64 tools, x86 -> x86 tools and so on) and Visual Studio will only see the version you've chosen in the references dialog. Opinions would be welcome and suggestions for improving the install would be welcome.

Nothing else has really changed. In the next few days I'll compile the binaries and installer for the examples and I'll provide a download as well. This, as I was told, might help to get people using it. And if not, who cares. Less work for me to do.

Right, I'm off to the gym to get less fat.

4 hours later... And, I'm back.

In other news I bought a laptop last weekend, an HP Pavillion dv26600123123129381204982309482orsomething. It's not very beastly compared to my desktop machine, but it does the job. I'm now using it as my primary work machine. It's taking some getting used to. Especially the little keyboard.

It took me a full night to uninstall all the fucking garbage HP installed. Fuck, man, I don't want Norton Antivirus... A 60 day trial of Office? What's the point? HP hand holding crap... I could go on, but I wont. It's not like I didn't expect this. It's just been a very long time since I messed with a machine that I didn't have a hand in building. So after that, I spent the next day installing what I wanted on the machine (which roughly takes a day on my desktop anyway, yes I use a lot of shit). I finally got to the part where I install Virtual PC... well let me tell you the story behind this...

In the beginning
I like Vista, I think it's fucking fantastic. It has the usual initial release bugs and so forth that I expect from Microsoft, and it has some small annoyances that I've learned to live with.

Why does this matter? Simple, the laptop came with Vista.... HOME Premium. And... FUCK. Yeah. However, I knew this when I bought it. I should come out and say that I bought this thing at Best Buy... I know, how stupid am I? Well, apparently, very. So anyway when I purchased the laptop I wasn't sure if I would have been able to purchase the laptop + an upgrade to Ultimate they were advertising for $129 CDN. I wasn't sure how much I could pull off of my card via POS per day, so I thought "OK, I'll just buy the laptop, and buy the upgrade tomorrow when the balance resets itself". And off I go... I'm thinking this is great, I can use the laptop at work and just bring my work home instead of using VPN (work internet is dog shit). So with this in mind I'm thinking.. "OK, Vista won't like VB6 (don't even ask) or maybe even Access 2000 and I need those to handle some legacy stuff and some of the current Access work..." My solution: VPC. I thought, "AH HA! I know, I'll build an XP VPC image and install all the old crap onto that and keep my Vista install pristine!". So off I went...

Where I install Virtual PC
Fuck. Virtual PC won't install on Home, only Business or Ultimate. How lame is that? So I figured, oh well, I'll just go in, buy the upgrade and do it at the office. So I installed as much as I could (and 99% of what I have didn't care what edition I had thankfully).

Geek Squad. More like Weak Squad... am I rite folx!?!!?!?!?!1/11/1?!?!one!
So, the next day I bring my laptop in to Best Buy where the mouth breather from geek squad (and if you work for geek squad, please, shoot yourself, or let me do it) informed me that my laptop would not be ready until 2 PM. I was not happy about this, but I thought "maybe it's a long install to switch to ultimate?". Since I was buying a license and not really any software except an upgrade disk (the Windows Anytime Upgrade disk) I asked him if it were possible to buy or otherwise get this WUA disk. His reply "Well, some machines come with them, but the HPs don't and the only copy we have is in back, so no." So wait, you sell a fucking upgrade, only.. you can't upgrade without letting one of you incompetent twats manhandle my machine? So, in a rush to get to work I said "Fuck it, take it and I'll be back AT 2 PM SHARP!". Here's the rub, this dumbass didn't even take my name, number, or anything.

Fast forward to 2 PM. I go in to pick up my newly upgraded vista ultimate laptop... I walk in and another mouth breather goes to the back to retrieve it. I'm waiting, and during this time a rather hot (this makes no difference, she was hot and that's that) woman said to me "Are you getting your laptop back from Geek Squad?" I replied, "Oui." "Oh, well, you should be sure to check it. I gave them my laptop and I got a completely different system back (I have to assume she meant the OS)." I told her that I wasn't at all surprised and that I knew well enough to review anything they had done prior to even leaving the store. Finally the goon comes back and says "Uh, yeah, the WUA disk we use.. uh.. it's scratched. So we couldn't do the upgrade, so we're just starting it over now..." I lost my shit at this point. Now, I'm a polite person (in person), but I have a BAD temper and it took a great deal of strain to say "What the hell? That's not acceptable" in a controlled manner... I walked to the back and the first dumbass from the morning came up to me and told me the exact same thing. I told them in no uncertain terms that this was incomptency at its finest. The other guy said "Well, we'd have called you but..." and I cut him off right there and said "You didn't even take my number, how could you have called me!?" They informed me that it takes 4 hours to do the install (which, is true) and that "upgrading software is difficult and time consuming work" I informed them that I wrote software for a living and experienced enough with computers to know how this shit works. At this point they looked terrified (mostly because I think they realized they weren't going to be able to techno-babble their way out of this), and I informed them I needed this laptop for work and that I was taking it, and the license with me (you'd think they'd have given me the fucking WUA disk). Heh, the other asswipe looked at me and said "but without the disk..." I informed him that I had vista (yes, they're legal) disks at home and I'm more than capable of doing this myself. How I wish I had thought of that in the morning, but alas I was in a rush to get into the office.

The reckoning
With laptop and license in hand, I went back to the office. I decided to just order the WUA disk as I wasn't entirely sure the upgrade product key would work in the copy I had at home (I wasn't sure I could order just the disk, you'd think they'd have known enough to tell me whether I could or not when I initially asked about buying it). Get this, it's FUCKING FREE!!! I only had to pay the shipping. Best buy should be handing these things out with the licenses... Stupid bastards. Anyway I figured my bases were covered. I get home and yank out the OEM copy of Vista I have and figured I'd give it a shot. But first, being the paranoid person that I am, I consulted the inter-web and wikipedia came to my rescue. It told me that (some) OEM versions come with the WUA on it. So, I checked the disk and sure enough, written right on the disk "Includes Windows Anytime Upgrade! Fucking Rock!" And so I proceeded to install the bastard and all worked like a charm (it did take 4 hours, but you know, I checked on it every 1/2 an hour to ensure it was going well, they of course are incapable of doing this).

Sure, maybe I'm being picky, but I don't care. If you sell a fucking upgrade, sell the goddamn software required to perform the upgrade. Seeing as MS gives the disk out for free (plus shipping & handling) I don't think this really constitutes any kind of problem (except utter stupidity). And take my information in case something goes wrong! Here's what I want to know... My HP only has a recovery disk. And this recovery setup likely won't let me enter the key (it might, but for argument's sake, let's say it doesn't). So, if I buy this 'upgrade' and I get them to upgrade it for me and they don't give me a WUA disk AND my system fucks itself and I have to re-install (it's a new windows OS, this is a likely scenario)... exactly HOW do I get my Ultimate version back!? Likely I'd have to bring it back to them to do god-knows-what to my system. Not everyone has an extra OEM disk lying around.

Anyway, I hate you geek squad, your day is coming.
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