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I Am Spoiled

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qsort [] = []

qsort (x : xs) = qsort less ++ [x] ++ qsort greater
less = [n | n <- xs, n <= x]
greater = [m | m <- xs, m > x]

Haskell is neat.

On a semi-related note, I downloaded vim today for hacking around in Haskell (I've previously been using notepad [grin]). My first impression is that I miss Visual Studio.

I've always been a bit of a Microsoft-friendly developer. I've gone from MSVS 6.0 to 2003 to 2005, have always developed on Windows, and use Direct3D for my all my graphics needs (and Pix is the shit, as well). I don't know if I've just become spoiled from all this, but vim feels so...bare compared to a full-blown IDE like Visual Studio. It kind of scares me, really.
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Haskell is bitchin'.

Wait until you develop a 16,000 line compiler, build it for the first time ever 15 minutes before deadline, and have it pass all of your tests out of the gate.

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