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I have a new game coming out probably next week. Actually it's a game I started back in 2005 with the intention of possibly selling it as a standalone game, but it really wasn't good enough for standalone so I abandoned it. I just revisited it this week, and it's actually better than I remember. While it's still not standalone quality, it'll work quite well as an ad-supported game. So I'm finishing it up.

Also I have a couple of new daily puzzles in the works. The whole ad-supported thing is finally starting to pull in a few bucks, so I'm sticking with it. Like my other daily puzzles, they'll exist in two states. One is a state that requires a login and shows the same puzzle every day and is scored. And the other is an "unlimited" share-able version with no login and is intended to be deployed on every hideous "1001 Kewl Flash Games" site on the internet.

Also I have something big happening next week, supposedly starting on the 23rd. Can't talk about it until then.

And I wrote a book review published Monday.

And I have a product review going up today.

And I have another book review and a product review to write for next week.

And spending an hour every night reading and reviewing every article gamedev ever published (all 2,000 of 'em) so that we can organize 'em better and for something I'm not sure I can talk about yet.

And I dashed off a thousand-word book-report for a local newsletter this morning.

Man I have a lot of oars in the water at any given time. I remember bumping into an old compatriot (David Adams formerly of Klear Games and now with Handango) at the GDC a couple of years ago. He introduced me to a pal of his, saying "you gotta meet this guy, he's a real renaissance man of game programming."

I thought it was a compliment back then, but I realize now that there's not much difference between being a renaissance man and suffering from ADD :)
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Original post by johnhattan
...and for something I'm not sure I can talk about yet.

No, you can't [smile] We have a ways to go yet... which means I better get my rear in gear too huh?

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