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Game Ideas

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I drank way too much last night. The bar outside my door (moving downtown was the best/worst decision ever) apparently had these fishbowl things that they filled with long islands. And I do mean filled; they would have been ilegal to serve in TX. Fun times had by all, if only I could remember them.

Before the self-induced stupor I did manage to get quite a bit done on the interface though. If I get everything done that I hope to today I'll finally have some decent screenshots and 1 of the 2 sections for the demo completed. I also spent some time documenting possible game ideas:

- Finally looked at Ogre Battle after seeing it mentioned repeatedly here. I'd really like to play it now but I don't have a playstation anymore. One game mechanic I absolutely loved was how characters can have modifiers based on the time of day (daylight/night). If I implemented something like this it would add more twists in the strategy b/c you would have to time your movement and battle to coincide with the time of day your army is most efficient. This could result in resource pool builds that lean toward night, day, or a mix of both. It also provides more "spells" like Eclipse that would allow you to suddenly change to nightfall for a surprise attack.

- I've always wanted to implement some single player version in which there was a story to follow. You would go through the game defeating various opponents, unlocking new resources. The biggest problem with this is that the AI would be incredibly difficult. I took one AI class and somehow I don't think Wumpus Hunting is going to cut it for this one. The AI in the original Magic: The Gathering game was horrible. I could always cheat a little by making the opponents tougher and giving them fairly straight forward spells/resources. For example, they would throw a lot of fireballs and try to constantly pummel you with rogue orcs and big beasties.

- So maybe AI is a ways off, but what about a group of uber players that grant new skills or resources if you defeat them? Kind of like the Ring Wraiths of Delta Spire. The 9 best players of the game that you have to beat to unlock everything. Which leads to a few problems. What if they don't want to play people they don't know? What if they get a high rank and then quit playing? So then I thought a random selection periodically would alleviate some of those problems. Then it almost becomes a game of reverse tag where everyone is hunting you down.

- Viral 'achievements'? I loved Shadowrun Fever in Shadowrun. Implemented in Delta Spire you would have to play someone that was infected to unlock something.

- I want to put the Spire on the board. Maybe more than one. Controlling the spire would allow you to do more things: teleport to other spires, play singularities, offer an alternate win condition. Not sure how this one will play out since I would like to tie it into the story.
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I like the idea of the nine players that have to be beaten in order to unlock something or another. What happens if they cheat, though? And once they've been beaten, won't they not be the nine best players anymore?

Spires on the board sound awesome. It would be neat if controlling a spire gave you access to an extra resource card per turn or something like that. That might be possible to integrate into your story, since the spires are presumably where all of the resources originally came from anyway, more or less (right?).

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It would be something like the 9 highest ranked players. 9 players that play the most. Or maybe the people I know that are good at the game and that will be cool with other players.

As for the spires, I think that could be a good idea. Players' avatars generate resource points called Ea that determines how many resources they can deploy per round. Maybe something like 5 spires scattered across the board provide 1 extra Ea point if you occupy them. So then you have to balance thinning out your army with the advantage of generating Ea more quickly.

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