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"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one" he said. - Jeff Wayne

It always gets me when you see animals in captivity, living a 'wonderful life' as they so like to put it. The reptiles looked bored, lifeless; the Aligator trapped in a tiny tank surrounded by styrofoam coffee cups. The lone Chimpanzee sat atop a tree, staring into space, his companions dead for months. The Lynxes crying into the wind, the earth carved so neatly where they've paced longingly back and forth, the glass windows tempting their freedom yet denying it at every step. The look in the tiger's eyes, so proud yet defeated. Whilst not cruelty in the traditional sense, it pains me to see that boredom in itself is a form of cruelty, perhaps the worst kind. People looking over you, losing your dignity with every stare, you're nothing to what you once were.

I don't like Zoos very much. I wonder if that's how our species will eventually wind up? An exhibit in a jar, subject to the amusement of others. Before you take your kids to a Zoo, take a minute to think... How would YOU like it.

I've not done much programming over the past few days, I've been poking around with my articles and reading my book on AI.

"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one... but still they come"
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Funny, I have been doing the exact same thing.I been reorganising my collection of articles, reading and writing new ones.Done almost no coding for a few days.

Gee is this happening due some kinda planetary play or is it coincedience.

Zoos eh, I been only to 3 (i think) in my whole life. I too preffer to see them in their habitat or on TV (since I cant afford to pay them a visit[grin])

Chips anyone?

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