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Death becomes you!

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Considering the wealth of savage weaponry available in the Novarunner universe, it's a huge surprise that death hasn't been better managed before now.

The player can now die and respawn (at a cost of 25% of your on-hand bucks for the tow).
Also, pirates are much more vicious now; they attack you from a much larger range, and actually know how to spec out the range of their weapons, mostly because I was being a retard when I wrote the guessWeaponRange function:
float averageSpeed = thisWeapon->getMaxSpeed() + thisWeapon->getMinSpeed() / 2.0f;
Spot the error! It's fun.

Their weapons also heat-seek now, which fixes a few of the mathy errors with my targeting code. Where before they were too easy, now they may in fact be too hard. I got cut up pretty nastily by a gang of four of them when I was going through an unpopulated system.

Also, I got Xbox Live Gold, and are thus going on a worldwide tour to find GDNet members and shoot them in the back. So far, I've shot ApochPIQ, Sir Sapo, Prinz Eugn, and Jonnyfish. If you also want me to shoot the hell out of you, please add the obvious gamertag to your friends list and then we can get to throwing cars at each other and/or achieving things.
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Brackets. Do I win?

I'll take the stuffed woodland creature with the glowing evil-eyes.

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Also, what's the point of space pirates if they don't scavenge your shattered hull for choice lootz? They just "disable" you so you can get towed out? Are these the friendliest space pirates around? Or are they just squeamish? I want to see space-gibs dammit! [grin]

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Well, other characters are destroyed after you kill them, but I needed a reasonably convincing reason for why you weren't permadead.

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Fair enough.... Clones? Or maybe you get an escape-pod (like in another space shooter that I wouldn't care to mention).

But yeah, it's a tough'n. Even with the afore-mentioned clones or pods, you need some way to explain why you've suddenly got a brand-new ship that's got exactly the same stuff that your old one had. Maybe space-ship insurance? You get a policy for 10 ships & 10 clones of yourself? The policy gets updated with the new gear every time you "save" at a stardock, thus providing some incentive to survive (haulage of discovered lootz)?

Aaaaand I'm spent.

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I think the idea of the universe being filled with largely-peaceful socialists and you being the angry neoconservative aggressor is a winner.

To wit, you get charged a flat tax of 25% of your money in exchange for being brought back from the dead.

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Hehehe. Generous socialists at that. [lol]

You could probably centre the whole storyline around your being the only merciless being in a universe full of care-bears.

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I think I'm on your Xbox live friends list as well. I don't have a gold subscription, but I do have a free 48 hour gold membership trial, which I could use.

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