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Eye yam alive.... Sorta...

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Wow, it's been ages since I posted here. I'd be in line for an epic fail if I didn't post *something* before I switch back from my Christmas avatar. I went pretty off-track (development-wise) during the Christmas/New Year break. Got a Wii and have been playing that off-and-on. Ppl love playing the Wii-sports and more than one of my friends (mainly non-game-geek types) expressed an interest in getting the system just for that game. I'm pretty impressed with the system as a whole. Not top of the line graphics capabilities, but that was never the be-all for me anyway. Mario Galaxy has been wowing me the most. It's the whole package (actually, some sort of multiplayer support would have made it perfect, but you can't have everything).


Okay, so on to the real purpose of this journal. So I'm back into some dev again. Restarting my last project in XNA2. This is only okay in my minds as I wasn't very far on the project anyway. While I haven't been doing any coding during my time away, I've been doing plenty of planning and refining ideas for the project. I'm not going to elaborate until things are a bit further along. At the moment I'm just working on some of my standard infrastructure (asset/scene management, etc). Then it'll be onto prototyping some of the concepts for the game.

That's all for now. Not much to report, but it does feel good to be BACK. [grin]
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