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I am still working on the DDream level. I added a lot of objects and discovered a huge loss of performance of the game. The game update was taking a lot more time. Too much time. After two minutes of profiling, I found the answer: I was doing collision check for each "dynamic" object. I changed this to "do a collision check on a dynamic object only if it moved" and I have a x15 performance gain on the update part !

Here is a screenshot of a small part of the level with an egyptian atmosphere:

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hmm I never thought of doing that, but now it seems obvious and makes a lot of sense. As I was just working on my own collision detection, this couldn't have come at a better time.


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Glad it can help.

The style is like this because:
- I am not good enough to do more complicated models and textures
- I like it
I hope a lot of people will like it too.

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