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YouTube Shenanigans

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Prinz Eugn


So today was busy, and I had a headache, so there's not really the super-awesomely edited video we had planned on(yet), but we did luck out and manage to forget that the mic was recording sound while we were recording clips, so now we have impromptu narration of some gameplay footage.

Some of them are kind of boring(we weren't planning on doing it), but it can be pretty neat, especially if you are a game developer, or just want to see the games we've made played... badly-ish.

>Angels 20 Part A -Not very exciting, me trying to get the hang of flying again.

>Angels 20 Part B
-Definitely pretty cool, with some neat things going on.

>Angels 20 Part C
-Me making a run through a forest of SAMs, which was probably the funnest part of Angels 20.

>Angels 22 Part A
-Mostly me sucking at flying

>Angels 22 Part B

-Slightly more exciting, but longer.

>Angels 22 Part C

-More screwing around, but audible screwing around. Probably the best A22 one.

Ok, I fixed these links... oops.

Well, that's all I have time for today, I reeaallly need to get to sleep.

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Original post by LachlanL
Ohh man. Makes me wish I had played the demos you guys put out.

Very nice looking. [smile]

You can find Angels 20 in the gamedev showcase(under "Features"), and we will hopefully soon get a stable finished-ish version of Angels 22 up.

Original post by Gaiiden
hahaha "Is your mic picking us up?" "yea, probably"

Haha -yeah, we were surprised at first, but we decided to roll with it. I should really make a more comprehensive video, by just doing everything in the game I can think of while talking.


I like the torpedoes skipping along the water, that was cool.

That's one of the cool little things that got in there that we rediscover after forgetting we ever did that. There's a lot of nooks and crannies in the game we've probably totally looked over since we put them in. I think there's probably paratroops in there somewhere...

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Original post by Solidus117
I really want to play this game. Any idea when even a tiny little demo will be available? :D

Whenever you shut up and stop bothering me...


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